Dear Lilac

by Nano Relfectia

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Hymn Above Traumatic EmotionのKUHLE&tac-t!sによるニュープロジェクト“Nano Reflectia”始動!
始まりとなる楽曲「Dear Lilac」は東方メロディックメタルコアサークルのやーぱん氏をゲストボーカルに迎えており、叙情的なメロディと二人のデスボーカルが絡み合う1曲となっています。


released June 27, 2014

Music,Arrangement,Guitar,Programming by KUHLE
Guest Vocal by やーぱん(CLOCKWORKS TRACER)
Vocal by tac-t!s



all rights reserved
Track Name: Dear Lilac
One day I watched TV casually
Usual daily life not to change
But that was overturned
Then I felt my body tremble
You appeared to the screen suddenly
I admire your sing, dance, and your all performance
So I wasn't able to move the place
I want to be like you who shine like a diamond
Yeah I came to pray from this time

Turn up a calendar meaninglessly
Lose sight of my originality

Regret - There is no going back
Failure - We are not perfect
However, I never gave it up
That's why I'm standing beside you

I advance for my road with you
If you rise for a stage in one of me
I beyond the top more
Have hope to glisten shiningly
Improve my personality

One day you appeared before me as a powerful rival
I got motivation from your shining rock sounds
Then another thought floated at the same time
I am not defeated by no means

You and I are not complete mirror
It is a certain fact
But we have something common (Yeah, I felt it, too!)
We must go to look for it
That's why I'm standing beside you

This is the story that nobody was able to predict
Encounter of two is Signal of the change
Nobody can stop them...forever

What bloom in the clifftop...
Anyone has not looked...

Run, walk, and laughs
With our hands and toes
Step a handful hung now
As we're here!

Come on! Let's go to the shining future
Look on, also bring your dreams
Are you ready everyone?
Let's ROCK!!!

Even if a parting day comes
Their heart is connected by the Shining Line
But now, I will treasure the precious days
Come, let's go together, dear "lilac"